Henk Sleutjes - tuinaanleg en onderhoud  
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Eighty years ago, Christiaan Sleutjes started to lay out villa gardens in the so called Knokke-Zoute.  His only tools were a spade, a barrow and a lot of manual labour. 
He was succeeded by his son Goor Sleutjes who gave the company a completely new √©lan in the sixties and seventies.  Halfway through the eighties, he passed the torch to the next generation, who used a new approach.  The garden plan was placed at the forefront and the plantation scheme changed thoroughly. 
Today, Henk and Piet Sleutjes, father and son are active in their gardening projects.

gardening lay-out
and maintenance

Henk Sleutjes
Wilgendreef 30
8300 Knokke-Heist
0477 472 354
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